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Tazewell County: zero tolerance on repeat felony DUI


  Tazewell County is targeting repeat D-U-I offenders. State’s Attorney Stu Umholtz says his office is permanently implementing the so-called “No-Refusal” protocol for felony DUI offenders as well as those with aggravating factors at the time of the stop. Umholtz says DUI offenders remain a serious threat to public safety, and repeat offenders have learned to refuse testing, thwarting evidence to prosecute.

“I believe providing us with strong evidence in those felony DUI cases will result in less cost to taxpayers. We’ll have fewer trials, because when we have a strong compelling case it’s less likely to go to trial. So this will actually save taxpayers money,” Umholtz says.

No-Refusal means the arresting officer can contact the State’s Attorney’s office to obtain a judge-issued search warrant for biological evidence including blood and urine. Umholtz says its a collaborative effort with law enforcement to streamline the judicial process and train officers to act quickly in obtaining the necessary evidence for prosecution. Umholtz says the move also gets Tazewell County out in front of any state medical marijuana laws. 

Further he says in the last year 40 of the County’s 75 felony DUI offenders refused testing.  
The No-Refusal DUI protocol is effective immediately.