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Washington Man Arrested In City's 2nd Reported Murder This Month

Tim Shelley / Peoria Public Radio
Washington Deputy Police Chief Jeff Stevens, left, and Police Chief Mike McCoy at a press conference on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Washington police say they've made an arrest in the city's second reported homicide this month.
Police Chief Mike McCoy said 33-year-old Jordan Hyde of Washington was arrested for fatally stabbing his roommate, 41-year-old Joshua Snyder, at an apartment they shared at Holland and Spruce.

Hyde was found walking about two miles from the scene. McCoy said he was covered with blood. He was taken to the Washington Police Department for an interview and subsequently arrested.

The chief said the two murders aren't linked. He said there's no cause for concern among the general populace.

"[The] people of Washington are very safe. These are two isolated incidents," he said. "One man is in jail for first-degree murder. And, you know, we have a lot of information on the first murder that happened a couple weeks ago. And I think that we're working hard to solve that one, also."

These are the first violent homicides in Washington's recent memory; 34-year-old Kyle McMurtrey was found dead behind Washington Plaza two weeks ago.

McCoy also criticized those who posted about the homicide on social media shortly after it happened.

"It really frustrates all of us in law enforcement, when certain people go to social media with unfounded information and total rumors about a case. It caused a great deal of grief for a family, as well as law enforcement," McCoy said. "I believe it is disrespectful and morally wrong to put stuff out that is not true."

He called on people to stop sharing gossip and rumors about incidents on social media.

Tazewell County Coroner Charles Hanley said Snyder died from multiple stab wounds. Hyde is expected to appear in Tazewell County Court on Wednesday morning.