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Police increasing work zone patrols


Illinois State Police are expanding construction work zone patrols between Interstates 74 and 1-55.State Trooper Dustin Pierce is the spokesman for District 8. He says some motorists are traveling nearly double the posted 45 mph speed limit.“The troopers so far have arrested people that have been going 89, 90, there’s been a 93, a 95 and a 96 – all in a 45 mph zone,” Pierce says. “I had a conversation with Tazewell County’s State Attorney's Office Traffic Division and they told me they will be seeking jail time for those people that have been traveling that fast in a construction zone.”Other motorists caught speeding are given monetary fines. The first offense is $375. The mandatory court appearance can raise the cost to $600. A second offense is a minimum $1,000 fine.