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Rauner Promotes Voter Turnout; Attacks Opponent During Quincy Campaign Stop

Jason Parrott/TSPR

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is traveling Illinois… trying to drum up last minute support for his re-election bid. He made a Thursday morning stop in Quincy.

The Governor spoke for about ten minutes to a crowd of about 30 people… including several current and former elected leaders.

He encouraged them to vote and reminded them that every vote for him in Adams County is one less vote he will need in Cook County.

Rauner won every county but Cook County in 2014. But he only narrowly won the popular vote.

The governor spent much of his time in Quincy bashing his opponent… describing Democrat J-B Pritzker as a corrupt person trying to buy the election.

“and I really believe that this election is not about Democrat versus Republican, as much as it is about all of us as the citizens of this state against a very corrupt, broken, political machine out of Chicago that Madigan runs and Pritzker funds.”

Rauner is talking about longtime House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Rauner says Pritzker and Madigan want to raise taxes to solve Illinois’ budget woes.

The Governor says taxes should instead be reduced and regulations should be scaled back to encourage economic growth and job creation.

And Rauner says if re-elected, he would work to impose term limits for lawmakers and to require what he calls fair legislative maps.