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Lincoln Museum Quits Fundraising Arm Over Stovepipe Hat


SPRINGFIELD - Friction over a stovepipe hat's connection to Abraham Lincoln has prompted the director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to dissolve his $25,000 consulting contract with the organization's fundraising arm.

Alan Lowe told The Associated Press his "top priority" is as director of the Lincoln museum. He says he is "at odds on some issues" with the Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation so he ended the contract. The deal was an inducement to lure Lowe to Springfield in July 2016.

Lowe said in a statement last month he wasn't fully informed about the foundation's secret and inconclusive DNA testing to determine whether a prize stovepipe hat belonged to Lincoln. It's part of a $25 million acquisition in 2007 of Lincoln artifacts. Remaining debt might force auctioning parts of that purchase.