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Frerichs Endorses Kwame Raoul in Attorney General Race

State Treasurer Mike Frerichs returned home to Champaign County today to announce he’s backing State Senator Kwame Raoul in the crowded race for state Attorney General.

Speaking on the University of Illinois Urbana campus, Frerichs praised Senator Raoul for supporting a bill requiring insurance companies to be more proactive in paying out life insurance benefits to surviving family members.

FRERICHS: And when I reached out to Senator Raoul originally on behalf of this, this is an issue he understood right away.   Signed on to be a sponsor of our legislation. Helped us to pass this legislation, over the objection of the governor.”

Raoul said he would continue to pursue such issues as the state’s chief prosecutor.

RAOUL: “One of the key roles of the attorney general’s office is to be an advocate for consumer protection.”

Raoul is one of eight candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for state attorney general, now that Lisa Madigan has announced she’s stepping down.