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Council Approves Road Extension in North Peoria, Decries Closure of Grocer on South Side

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Peoria City Council okayed two amendments to extend funding for land acquisition and engineering work on the Pioneer Parkway extension.

The project, when completed, would extend Pioneer Parkway from Allen Rd. to Radnor Rd. The council approved the amendments with the Illinois Department of Transportation on a 9-1 vote, with Councilwoman Beth Akeson voting no. Akeson wants the money to be spent on current roads that need repair. There is no timetable for completion of the street.

During the council's discussions, Councilman Chuck Grayeb  raised concerns that some liquor stores in Peoria are allegedly discriminating against certain customers. To help in making that determination, Grayeb asked the city’s corporation counsel to clarify the city’s options, regarding liquor license holders.

Credit Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio
Peoria Public Radio

"I am requesting a report back from you as to the provisions of the City of Peoria code that could be applicable to any such discriminatory conduct, and what the city can do under our code or other applicable law to combat such discrimination, if it is proven," Grayeb said. 

Grayeb says he has received reports of discrimination at liquor stores on Main St. and Western Ave.

Councilwoman Denise Moore lamented the closing of the Save-A-Lot grocery, which is in her district. The store, below the bluff on Western Ave., will close June 2, after about a year in business. The company reports the store is under performing.

Despite her disappointment, Moore says she understands the reasons behind the closure.

"If you’ve got four or five additional concepts similar to yours that come in after you open then there’s a reason why it’s not performing," Moore said. "Additionally, we have to also look at ourselves. If you can’t remember the last time you were in Sav-A-Lot and you live in the area, then that could be part of the problem as well."


Councilwoman Moore made a point that there were no city incentives to bring Save-A-Lot to that location. The building housed an Aldi Grocery, prior to Save-A-Lot.


Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio
Peoria Public Radio
The City celebrated the much-anticipated Save-A-Lot grocery in March 2016, heralding it as an option for fresh produce for South Side residents. It's slated to close next month.