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Gravel driveways could make comeback in Peoria


The city of Peoria is looking for ways to reduce solid surfaces like asphalt and concrete driveways, parking lots and sidewalks.

That could mean gravel driveways make a return in an effort to reduce a household’s stormwater utility fee. City councilwoman Beth Akeson says that could make it more attractive to convert an asphalt or concrete driveway to gravel.


I do think there are p-gravel driveways properly installed that would be beneficial to the city. But the key words are properly installed and then properly maintained. - Councilwoman Beth Akeson

Gravel drives are not currently legal in Peoria, but the council is developing guidelines to allow certain types of gravel drives.

In other council business, the body approved new guidelines last night that will allow residents to have beehives on their property.