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Peoria Housing Authority plans a strategy

Tanya Koonce
Peoria Public Radio

The Peoria Housing Authority Task Force is asking the City Council to table a proposal to have the Greeley School redeveloped. The PHA will also not be submitting an application for tax credits next month.

First District Peoria City Councilwoman Denise Moore says more details need to be worked out on the subject. Moore says the Greeley property proposal handles less than a quarter of the Taft Homes units they are intended to replace. “By tabling this, it allows it to still be out there but it gives PHA time to look at other locations, other spaces to account for those other units.”  

The immediate goal is to get the PHA strategic plan in place before selecting additional replacement properties for the Taft Homes. But PHA Director Brenda Coates says the report will not dictate specific property choices. “It should give the community and the city and hud the reasons behind the relocations of certain residents into certain areas.”

The master plan will evaluate the economic, education and transportation options available in the Tri-county region for the sake of comparison in Peoria City and County. The first draft of the task force master plan is expected by next month.

It’s still unclear if further public forums will be held for each proposed site. That is something that will likely be spelled out in the master plan.