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Construction OK'd on international facility at PIA


Construction is expected to begin this year on a new international arrivals building at the Peoria Airport. The Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria approved a more than $8.2 million bid from Peoria Metro Construction to build the facility. It will be connected to the new General Wayne Downing Peoria International terminal.

Airport Director Gene Olson says it’s needed so Peoria can continue to accept cargo, charter and corporate flights with up to 20 people. He says the building will also serve as an expanded gate facility for domestic flights.

“Our gates are fully utilized and then we have the Orlando flight in November. And Allegiant has asked us about the possibility of doing dual operations which means they’ll have two airplanes on the ground at same time. So now we have an extra airplane that we need to find a place for it to park,” said Olson.

Olson says having the new facility also opens the door for commercial flights to international destinations.

The building will be paid for mostly from leftover funding from the construction of the new terminal. Construction is expected to be completed in summer of 2016.