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Downtown Peoria road projects nearing completion

Peoria’s Washington Street and Warehouse District projects are nearing completion. Washington Street is still on schedule to be fully complete by Halloween, and is already open to traffic.

Adams and Jefferson could also be open to traffic before the end of the year. Peoria City Engineer Scott Reeise says there’s also still a question of whether Adams and Jefferson will be one or two-way. He says the city is set up to accommodate either option.

“The plans were designed for it to be a one-way. We went to two under construction. Fairly successful for the businesses in the amount of on-street parking that was available under the two-way configuration, probably more successful on Adams than it was on Jefferson. But you can’t convert one without the other so they would both go to two ways.”   

Reeise says the roads would be made two-way from Walnut to Persimmon. But a two-way conversion will need the approval of the Peoria City Council and would need to happen before the streets are striped. 

The final touches on Adams, Jefferson, Oak and Walnut Streets are to be complete in spring. But all three streets could be driveable by Thanksgiving depending on the weather.