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Testimony continues in Nathan Leuthold trial

Tanya Koonce
Peoria Public Radio

  Day three in the Nathan Leuthold murder trial saw testimony from 20-year-old Lithuanian student AinaDobilaite. She was the woman who Nathan Leuthold allegedly was having an affair with before his wife was killed last year. 

Dobilaite was given immunity for her testimony. She told prosecutors that she traveled with Nathan Leuthold to Europe multiple times, fired guns at a friend's house and had a joint bank account with Leuthold. 

Dobilaitealso said she "could" have sent a text message with a smiley-face to Nathan the day of the murder. That's after Leuthold told her police were searching their home because they had a break-in. She also says she also used a Lithuanian word in that text message. Dobilaite says that word could mean interesting, or weird or bizarre.  

Defense attorney Hugh Toner cross examined Dobilaite.She denies Leuthold and her were having a sexual relationship. Dobilaitesays Leuthold was her sponsor and she worked for him editing Lithuanian sermons and presentations. She also says Leuthold paid for spa treatments, but he never bought her jewelry.