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Inflation is driving up the cost of food. Here's how that's affecting Midwest Food Bank-Peoria

A Midwest Food Bank outside the 2021 Peoria Chamber of Commerce Thanksgiving luncheon.
Hannah Alani
A Midwest Food Bank outside the 2021 Peoria Chamber of Commerce Thanksgiving luncheon.

Prices are rising for several kinds of products across the nation. The rise in food prices is drastically affecting individuals, as well local companies such as Midwest Food Bank.

Midwest Food Bank-Peoria executive director Monica Scheuer says that because most of their food inventory is donation-based, they have not experienced issues on that front.

However, the lack of available truck drivers and the increased cost of shipping food is making it harder to run the food pantry.

"We have to hire somebody to go get the food for us and it has doubled in price," she said. "The trucking cost for us to hire a truck driving service to go pick up a load for us ... the food that's being donated is free, but we have to pay for that trucking cost."

Scheuer said that she expects to see more and more individuals needing food assistance if inflated prices continue.

"We feel worse for families that are out there that are trying to buy their groceries for their families with a paycheck that's not going up as much as the food cost is," she said.

Scheuer said the Midwest Food Bank is desperate for volunteers to ensure families are getting food on their table.

"People who can come just for a couple of hours to bag food, to push a cart, to drive a truck, put labels on ... things like that," she said. "We are really struggling with getting enough people to come in to volunteer."

For more information on how to volunteer at the Midwest Food Bank click here.

Olivia Streeter is an intern at WCBU. The Illinois State University student joined WCBU in 2020.