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New book recaps Madigan's grip on power

University of Illinois Press

When Michael Madigan left office in early 2021, it ended a record tenure as Illinois House Speaker and the state's top power broker.

Allegations that surfaced during the Me Too movement bruised his organization and led to changes within his inner circle. Then, a federal investigation resulted in Commonwealth Edison, hoping to advance its agenda, admitting to bribery in an attempt to curry favor with Madigan. The former speaker has denied he did anything illegal and he has not been charged.

Madigan could make or break legislation and careers. But in the end, the man who always seemed a step ahead appeared to fall behind the times.

Ray Long had a front row seat to the decades of Madigan control. The Chicago Tribune's investigative reporter began covering the statehouse just as the Democrat rose to become speaker. He's written a book called "The House That Madigan Built: The Record Run Of Illinois' Velvet Hammer."

Sean Crawford talked with Long about the project.


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