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Rauner Attempted to Drop Out of Governor's Race


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner tried to get out of running for re-election this year. In an interview with ABC television in Chicago, Rauner says he knew it would be difficult to win.

“And over the course of the election, I actually went to two women and two men who I knew well … and asked them to run for governor.”

All four turned him down. Rauner’s Republican primary opponent — state Representative Jeanne Ives — says it was obvious during the campaign that the governor’s heart wasn’t in it.

“Rauner cheated Republicans and voters who wanted a different choice than Pritzker, and he basically threw the election to the Democrats without a fight.”

She says it’s “very upsetting” the state Republican Party did not step in.

GOP State Senator Jason Barickman of Bloomington says Rauner was disingenuous and tried to cheat the public.

“First of all, it's not the way the process works. Incumbent Governors don't get to select their replacement. And that process is important because it gives a voice to Republican voters.”

Barickman says this shows Rauner's failure to understand the political and legislative processes.

Rauner barely won his Republican primary campaign in March. After that he consistently polled well below his Democratic challenger, JB Pritzker.

Pritzker ended up beating Rauner by nearly 16 points.

Charlie Schlenker is the news director at WGLT in Bloomington-Normal.