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Macomb's Mayor Named President of Illinois Municipal League

Mayor Mike Inman is in his second term, having been first elected in 2011 and running unopposed in 2015.
Mayor Mike Inman is in his second term, having been first elected in 2011 and running unopposed in 2015.

Macomb Mayor Mike Inman has taken on another leadership position. He is the newly elected president of the Illinois Municipal League, which is a leading advocacy group for cities across the state.

Inman has served on the Board of Directors for the Illinois Municipal League for the last seven years. Inman said the IML works to empower and educate municipal leaders.Listen to Mayor Inman's interview with TSPR

Interview Highlights:

Inman told Tri States Public that his newly elected position will give him a bigger platform and ability to network and connect with other local and state leaders. He said that not only gives him the opportunity to work on behalf of the IML, but also Macomb.

“It also gives me, as the mayor of Macomb, an opportunity to get in front of folks that I may not otherwise get in front of,” Inman said.

He said that includes discussions about broader issues and also some of the challenges Macomb is facing.

“We’re like so many other municipalities in the state. You’d be surprised how many things we have in common with other folks. Sometimes that is encouraging because you realize it’s not just me or my community experiencing this wonderful thing or this challenging thing,” Inman said.

He said relationship building and networking play an important role when it comes to community development.

Inman said he continues to meet with other mayors throughout the state.  “Its  good idea for me to get a better idea about how other municipalities are dealing with the larger scale issues that we often deal with as well.”

Inman said he doesn’t expect his role as president of the IML will require any additional travel on top of what he was already doing as a member of the Board of Directors.Listen to the extended interview with Mayor Mike Inman about his election as president of the IML, the organization's legislative priorities, lessons learned from other communities, and plans to seek another term.

Running for Re-Election as Mayor

Inman was elected president of IML during the group’s annual fall conference in Chicago last week. The term will last a year.  

Inman told Tri States Public Radio that will seek another four year term as mayor during next year's city elections. Inman said he has unfinished business as mayor.

“It’s my intention to seek re-election to be mayor of my hometown.  I have a lot of humble thanks for the opportunity to have done it so far and would like one more term to see if we can keep moving things in a positive direction,” Inman said.

Inman is currently in his second term as mayor of Macomb after being first elected in 2011 and running unopposed in 2015. Inman retired from the Illinois State Police as a master sergeant after 25 years. He previously served on the Macomb City Council and the McDonough County Board.

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Macomb's Mayor Named President of Illinois Municipal League

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