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Cubs Call for Back-Up to Prevent Counterfeit Memorabilia Sales


The owners of the Chicago Cubs are trying to prevent small time vendors outside the park from selling counterfeit goods during the team’s playoff run. The Cubs and Major League Baseball filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against three dozen people for allegedly selling counterfeit Cubs gear around Wrigley Field.  

In the lawsuit, they claim these paraphernalia peddlers are causing substantial and irreparable injury to the public” and to the team. And are sowing “confusion and deception” with their bogus hats and t-shirts.

The complaint features photos of the alleged big-league pirates… and their imitation wares, like a t-shirt showing Marilyn Monroe wearing a Cubs jersey and a bucket hat with the Cubs’ bear on it.

The complaint begins with a description of the Cubs as one of “the most famous and beloved clubs in all of baseball; indeed in all of American sports.

The team and Major League Baseball want law enforcement agents to help them seize all of the alleged infringing goods