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GOP Candidates Push for Term Limits

To fix its broken state government, Illinois needs term limits for members of the General Assembly, and fairly drawn district maps so both parties have a chance to win. That's according to a republican lawmaker and two candidates for the state house who held a news conference in Moline today.

State Senator Neal Anderson, from Rock Island, hopes both can be voted on, and passed, during the veto session this fall. 

"We have seen what the absence of these two critical reforms have done to our great state. We have the Speaker Mike Madigan that has been in power since I have been six months old and that is unacceptable."

Now serving his first term in the Illinois Senate, Anderson has promised to serve only two terms.

Savanna Mayor Tony McCombie is running in House District 71 now represented by Hillsdale democrat Mike Smiddy. She says the career politicians have made a mess in Springfield.

"With time comes power and money, and some long term incumbents are often not the best options for our districts, because they are often too far removed from the people."

McCombie says term limits and fair district maps would allow new people with fresh ideas to help turn around the General Assembly, and state government.

Joining them was was fellow republican Dan Swanson, from Alpha, who's running for the Illinois House in District 74 - it's now represented by Don Moffitt who's retiring.

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