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Federal Railroad Administration stepping up


After several recent management changes at Metra, the Federal Railroad Administration is stepping in to make sure the trains are still safe and efficient. 

The announcement was made Tuesday and comes after Illinois US Senator Dick Durbin asked for more federal oversight. Metra Chairman Brad O’Halloran and another board member resigned early this month, following a controversy over alleged political patronage.

Durbin was worried passengers would suffer from all the management problems. In a letter to Durbin, the federal officials say they will hold more train inspections and meetings with Metra administrators and employees. Durbin says they responded extremely quickly:

“So in the end, the passengers won’t suffer from all of the political shuffling going on at the top.”

A Metra representative said in a statement that while they believe they are operating as safely as possible, they appreciate the efforts of Sen. Durbin and the FRA.