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Episode 38) Mt. Zion LAM group visits WCBU studios and expresses interest in launching their own podcast

We had a visit from Mrs. Charla Flemming, the Director and Founder of the Mt. Zion’s LAM. LAM is an acronym for Leadership, Academic and Music.

I invited them to stop by and view the set up at WCBU studio in Morgan Hall, here on the Bradley Campus. They were excited. There are several in the Youth group but only three came. We had Isabela show them what equipment they are using in the studio. This is a field trip for the three high schoolers and they are encouraged to use their leadership skills to inquire, investigate, observe, and then bring it into action. This part of LAM is interested in building and hosting a podcast called Peoria’s Hidden Gems. The Girls are very excited about their new adventure. We tested the speakers and microphone. Isabella also shared with them that the headphones would help them hear themselves clearly on the microphone.

Jada Grant & Mirrelle Thompson go to Peoria High School and Raylin attends Richwoods High School. So while they were here, I introduced them on the podcast. They were a little shy and don’t brag about them being the top of their classes, we wish them well with all their endeavors! The Mt Zion’s Lam has opening for youth this summer in the Drum Line. Please contact Charla Flemming at charlaflemming1@outlook.com for more information.

Yolanda Wallace is an Urbana native living in Peoria, Illinois. She hosts the Mother’s War On Violence podcast, which is a co-production with WCBU.