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Peoria City Council Opens Talks on Movie Theater Liquor Sales

Cass Herrington
Peoria Public Radio

You may be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while at a movie theater in the near future. 

The Peoria City Council last night discussed what limitations would be placed on such sales if the policy is approved.

AMC Theaters at Grand Prairie and Goodrich Theaters at Willow Knolls have asked for permission to sell beer, wine and mixed drinks.

AMC attorney Rob Anderson said sales would be at a separate location in the lobby. He said they have strict rules for selling alcohol at their 24 other Illinois theaters with liquor licenses.

"We have standard recipes for all of our drinks, meaning you don’t have a bartender who’s using their best judgment in pouring a large amount of alcohol in a mixed drink. All of the patrons have to come out to the lobby to purchase their drinks. This way we have the opportunity to observe them and see whether or not they appear to be impaired," Anderson said.

Council members asked that the proposal be reviewed by the police department and the city liquor commission before the council takes a final vote.