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Biweekly Recycling Services Ahead For All Peoria Residents

Flickr / CC-by 2.0

All residents of the city of Peoria will have every other week pickup of recycled materials beginning in August.

The city council last night approved a contract with Peoria Disposal Company that gives residents in the southern portions of Peoria the same service that other residents have had.

Recyclables will be picked up in the same location as garbage.

The agreement will cost the city an additional $6,200 every month.

City Manager Patrick Urich said that will add to the deficit in the garbage fund.

"The garbage fund currently is not generating enough revenue to cover the costs we have pursuant to the contract and our waste disposal costs," he said. "One of the items we'll come back to [city council] with as a budget discussion is what's the appropriate fee to set for our garbage fees."

The current $18 monthly fee per household may be increased in the new budget year to cover rising costs.

The cost to dispose of waste at the city-county landfill is growing 6 percent annually. The landfill is operated by Waste Management Corporation.