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Judge Gives Final Ruling in At-Large Peoria City Council Race

Cass Herrington
Peoria Public Radio

Former Peoria City Council Candidate and self proclaimed activist Amr Elsamny says he will persist in his effort to have the primary election results thrown out. Although it’s unclear how that might happen.

Peoria County Judge James Mack today dismissed his case with prejudice. That’s a final judgment.

Amr Elsamny spoke to reporters today as he was leaving court: “I’m a victim basically to a technicality that was done by the court. Not to mention the election commission has lost my mail in ballot which should have never left the safe of the election commission, they did not keep it. Based on that I lost the election. They did not follow the election code. So this if far from being over. There are so many remedies I can ask for.”  

But that has not been the findings of court. Judge James Mack has reviewed three amended filings over the last seven days. His ruling today to dismiss the case with prejudice means Elsamny cannot file another case on the same claim.


The consolidated general election is Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Four candidates that emerged from the February primary are seeking two at-large seats on the Peoria City Council. They are: Sid Ruckriegel, John Kelly, Zach Oyler and Rob Hanauer.  


Elsamny lost the primary race by one vote to competitor Rob Hannauer. The final vote count was 2004 to 2003.