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Criminal Justice Reforms Get 11th Hour Push

Tanya Koonce
Peoria Public Radio

The so-called Neighborhood Safety Act is on track to become law in the final two days of the 99th Illinois General Assembly. A bipartisan coalition of state lawmakers worked on the measure.


Democratic State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth is a co-sponsor of the bill. Standing alongside local leaders in education, justice, law enforcement and city government Monday morning, Gordon-Booth outlined three areas the measure impacts.

Gordon-Booth says the proposal would provide victims trauma services, judicial sentencing discretion and earned service credit for inmates to reduce recidivism.  “The Programming would be specifically structured to whatever their issue was that got them to the place that they are even in the Department of Corrections.  So the programming is going to be very specific to the issues that individuals are grappling with to set them up for success.”   

The Neighborhood Safety Act includes components of recommendations from the governor’s Criminal Justice Reform Commission. “Some of the parts of the bill are part of the commission’s recommendations. The Governor’s office has indicated that if we can get this bill passed that they will sign this legislation, so they are in support of the work we are doing,” Gordon-Booth said.

The measure passed the House Monday. Senator Dave Koehler says it's anticipated to be called for a vote in the Senate tomorrow.