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Uplands Residents Association calling for traffic calming measures


The Uplands Residents Association is asking the city of Peoria to slow if not reduce traffic in their neighborhood.

The water main break at the Main and University Street intersection last year brought on the new design of the city’s busiest pedestrian intersection and surrounding blocks.

The redesign included new pedestrian crossings, narrowing of traffic lanes and the addition of more on-street parking. But it’s also led to more traffic cutting-through the Uplands neighborhood.

More than 60-people turned out for a meeting with the city’s public works department that got fairly heated at times. Second District Councilman Chuck Grayeb represents the Uplands Residents Association:

“I heard a great deal of consensus behind the idea of trying some conservative measures at first with some enforcement. So we’re going to come back and introduce some possibilities from the more subtle to the Draconian, and see what the consensus is.” 

Some at the meeting suggested building cul-de-sacs. Others called for reducing the speed limit.

The Public Works Department will spend the next several weeks crafting various proposals and meet again with the neighborhood association to find common ground on how they will move forward to slow and eliminate some of the additional traffic.