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Jump Center studies new home health care technology


The Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center is studying new technological means to keep people independent and at home longer.

The Simulation Center is partnering with California based Intel-GE Care Innovations for the study. It includes using sensors placed in a person’s home to measure daily activities, like movement and opening a pill-box, and a tablet would be used for two-way communication.

Dr. John Vozenilek is the Chief Medical Officer of Jump. He says some patients may find the sensor technology a slight invasion, but identifying the balance is the aim.

“I think it’s a trade-off. I think we accept intrusions into our privacy when they are relevant and meaningful for us. I give the example, you know, your telephone knows where you are but you accept that because you want the map to work.”

The study starts with the Jump Simulation Center testing the technology and training health-care providers to use it. The study proposes to have 200 people using the technology in their homes by the end of the summer. The study is expected to be complete by the end of the year.