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Schock on Affordable Care Act


Peoria Congressman Aaron Schock says the U.S. House wants to make good on President Obama’s promise that people can keep the health insurance coverage they like. This comes after millions of Americans will reportedly lose their health coverage following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Schock was joined by individuals and employers who say they are being negatively impacted by the law. He says his congressional offices have been inundated with calls from people who will lose their coverage.

"I have yet to find someone who's health care plan has gone down or has been able to maintain their current benefits. Their plans are either being canceled and if their plan is not being canceled, the deductibilities are doubling. The co-pays are going up. The idea that this is providing better health care coverage is just baloney."

Schock says the House will introduce a measure this week allowing insurance companies to continue providing current health plans. The so-called Keep Your Health Plan Act is expected to be called for a vote on Friday.