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Peoria man sentenced for July 2021 gun store burglary

A gavel rests on a judge's bench in a blurry courtroom. The text "WCBU Courts" sits on top of that photo.

A Peoria man will spend more than five years in federal prison after burglarizing a Peoria gun store last year.

Corey Brooks, 30, was sentenced this week to 63 months in prison for burglarizing Pinnacle Guns and Ammo in July 2021, and possessing weapons as a felon. Prosecutors said Brooks stole 18 handguns and two shotguns.

Eighteen of the 20 stolen guns have been recovered. Brooks had one of the stolen guns on him and loaded when he was arrested. The two shotguns were found abandoned in the woods. Three of the guns were later found in a garage. A child discovered 11 more hidden in a pillowcase in an alley. Another stolen gun was recovered in the possession of a gang member during a December traffic stop.

Brooks told authorities in a post-arrest interview that he stole the guns to make money. He told them he wasn't troubled by the potential the guns could be used in crimes, said prosecutors, adding that Brooks hasn't cooperated with authorities.

Tim is the News Director at WCBU Peoria Public Radio.