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Parkland Students Protest Police Treatment Of Minorities

Mark Schultz
Illinois Public Radio


Students at Parkland Community College in Champaign rallied in support of a student arrested earlier this month, saying police and administrators are “persecuting” black students and teachers.

Members of the Parkland Social Justice club organized the rally Wednesday to protest Parkland Police arresting student Toby Mordi September 7.

The News-Gazette reported that police wanted to question Mordi about an earlier incident on campus. Mordi allegedly struck a police officer and lead them on a foot chase before being arrested.

Shameem Razack is the president of the Parkland Social Justice Club. She says police falsely arrested Mordi and used excessive force. "This has been a trend here and also locally where black people have been criminalized and treated unfairly," Razack said. 

Razack wants students and the public should hold Parkland College police and administrators to account and stop harassing students based on skin color. The Social Justice Club also wants Parkland to develop a process where students have a say in the student discipline.