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Cullerton Expected to Send School Funding Bill to Governor's Desk

Justin Fowler
AP Photo


 Illinois Senate President John Cullerton says he will send the governor a bill Mon. that overhauls the way the state distributes money to schools.

The bill needs to pass in order for schools to receive state money due to a provision written into the new state budget.

But Governor Bruce Rauner says he will veto it.

Rauner doesn’t like one part that gives more money to Chicago Public Schools retirement system.

Cullerton counters that the bill also would send more money to downstate and suburban teacher pensions, but Rauner doesn’t object to that part.

Once Rauner issues his veto - the clock will start for lawmakers to vote whether to accept or reject his changes if they want schools to open on time.

It’s not yet clear the votes are there to override Rauner.

Meaning all school funding would be held up - until this new political impasse is resolved.