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Comptroller Munger Dodges Public Support of Trump


Even though he appointed her, Comptroller Leslie Munger says she isn't beholden to Governor Bruce Rauner.  But the two Republicans are alike in at least one way: Both refuse to talk about their party's nominee for President, Donald Trump.

Munger said Tues. night in a public television debate that given Illinois' budget stalemate, she's focused on unity.

"I'm really working very hard to stay out of the issues at the top of the ticket. Because no matter who you talk to, there's divisive situations on both sides. You certainly cannot support a lot of the things that Trump has said."

ANCHOR: "Will you be voting for him?

MUNGER: "My personal vote, is my personal vote."

Governor Rauner generally avoids talking about Trump. He's denounced some of Trump's stances, but he's never backed away from saying this spring that he'll support his party's nominee.

Munger's Democratic challenger is Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza.

"Let's be honest it takes a half a nanosecond to know where you should be with Donald Trump with everything he's said."

Mendoza backs Hillary Clinton for President.