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Budget impasse to extend into 2016


It'll be 2016 before Illinois' top political leaders meet again, as a historic stalemate grinds on. That's the takeaway after Governor Bruce Rauner talked with reporters Friday morning.  If it wasn't obvious before that Illinois' political impasse wasn't going to end this year, it is now. 

"With the holidays now and you know kids on vacation and travel, we may not be able to meet in the next two weeks."

Gov. Bruce Rauner says he expects he and the legislative leaders will next meet in early January.  By then, Illinois will have gone a full half year without a budget. 

Rauner, a Republican, says passing his agenda will take "persistence."  He continues to insist that before he'll negotiate on taxes and spending, Illinois reduce workers' compensation benefits, weaken labor rights, and institute legislative redistricting and term limits. 

Democrats remain opposed, and say they focus must be on the immediate budget crisis.