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Officials worried about bald eagle lead poisoning

Federal wildlife officials are worried about eagles dying from eating particles of lead from bullets used to kill deer. Ed Britton is the District Manager of the Savanna District of the Upper Mississippi River US Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

This month, his office and three others will host four meetings to tell people about the link between lead ammunition and lead poisoning in bald eagles. The first will be held Tuesday in Thomson Illinois, just north of the Quad Cities. IPR’s Michelle O'Neill reports.

Tuesday's National Fish and Wildlife Refuge meeting will run from six until eight at the refuge visitors center on Riverview Road in Thomson. 

The other meetings will be held on Thursday (6/12) in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, then next week in Winona, Minnesota, and Onalaska, Wisconsin. Details about the meetings are at http://www.fws.gov/nwrs/threecolumn.aspx?id=2147550625.