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All Things Peoria
All Things Peoria
5 p.m. Weekdays

All Things Peoria is WCBU’s daily newsmagazine, airing weekdays at 5 p.m. This half-hour program shines a light into all corners of Greater Peoria. You’ll see the challenges we face from a new angle. And you’ll hear from the neighbors you never knew you had.

Latest Episodes
  • In today's best of episode, you'll hear from the two Tazewell County Republicans running to replace retiring state representative Keith Sommer of Morton. Dr. William Hauter and Tazewell County Treasurer Mary Burress both hope to represent the new 87th House District, and they'll talk with reporter Maggie Strahan about their platforms. Plus, director of medical oncology for OSF HealthCare Dr. James McGee speaks with WCBU's Hannah Alani about the progress being made toward building a new, $237 million dollar Cancer Institute right here in Peoria.
  • On today’s episode, WCBU’s Joe Deacon talks with Gas Buddy fuel price expert Patrick De Haan about what drivers should expect at the pumps this weekend and throughout the summer. And Peoria County Farm Bureau manager Patrick Kirchhofer tells WCBU correspondent Tim Alexander about wrapping up this particularly wet spring planting season. Plus, during Out and About, host Jenn Gordon is joined by director Julie Peters and actor Sam Taylor to talk about the Pulitzer Prize winning play “SWEAT” presented by the Illinois Central College Theatre Program.
  • On today’s episode, as summer construction season approaches, WCBU's Joe Deacon talks to Peoria County Highway Engineer Amy McLaren about the increasing costs of materials and labor for road projects. And WCBU correspondent Tim Alexander speaks with Kim Hanks, president of the Peoria County Genealogical Society, about how you can begin tracing your family's roots thanks to resources available at the Peoria Public Library’s downtown branch. Plus, WCBU correspondent Steve Tarter returns for part two of his "Postmark Peoria" conversation with food historian Cynthia Clampitt, author of "Destination Heartland: A Guide to Discovering the Midwest's Remarkable Past."
  • Cynthia Clampitt believes that the Midwest often gets overlooked when it comes to what the region has to offer. Her new book, “Destination Heartland,” seeks to change that.
  • In a broad discussion with reporter Joe Deacon, Peoria City Council member Tim Riggenbach discusses neighborhood safety, affordable housing, rising energy costs, road construction, and how the needs of his district reflect those of all Peorians.
  • Milpa plots alternate between a few years of productivity and several years of lying fallow, or uncultivated. That can lead to healthier soil without the use of fertilizers, and larger yields during productive years.
  • On today’s episode, Charlie Schlenker speaks with the candidates running to represent the new 105th State House district, which includes parts of Woodford and Tazewell counties. And in part one of this next installment of WCBU’s history series Postmark Peoria, WCBU correspondent Steve Tarter explores Midwestern food and history with Cynthia Clampitt. She’s the author of the new book 'Destination Heartland: A Guide to Discovering the Midwest's Remarkable Past'.
  • On today’s episode, WCBU's Tim Shelley talks to Roanoke farmer Corrie Scott about an ancient agricultural technique she's using on her land. And Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce facilitator Molly Crusen-Bishop tells WCBU correspondent Tim Alexander about efforts to expand its outreach to grow the economy and population of the northern Peoria County community of just over 6,000 people. Plus, Peoria City Council member Tim Riggenbach stops by the WCBU studios with an update on what's happening in the 3rd District.
  • New and existing businesses are linking up with the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce (CCOC), which has greatly increased its membership and visibility under the guidance of chamber facilitator Molly Crusen-Bishop.
  • On today’s Best of episode, you’ll hear about the two Republican candidates who are running for the 37th state Senate District. Whoever comes out on top in the primary is likely to become the next state senator for parts of Woodford and Peoria counties. WCBU statehouse reporter Maggie Strahan speaks with incumbent Republican State Senator Win Stoller of Germantown Hills, and Stoller's GOP primary opponent Brett Nicklaus of Dixon. Plus, Pringle Robotics director of sales Gerald Prall will talk about the Peoria-based company and its future expansion plans.