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Late Season Snow Creeps Into Peoria's Weather Forecast

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The Peoria area is expecting an unusually late snowfall event heading into Tuesday.

The National Weather Service in Lincoln forecasts rain shifting to snow Monday evening. Snowfall is expected to continue throughout most of Tuesday. 

"It's not necessarily uncommon in April, but it does become pretty uncommon when it starts getting this late in April," said Alex Ervin, a NWS meteorlogist. "I was actually looking at some of our data, and I can only find six times we had measurable snow on or after April 19." 

Erwin said not to expect it to stick around long, though. 

"The reason the accumulation amounts are generally expected to be low, generally less than an inch, is generally because the ground, the pavement, is quite warm," Ervin said. "So it's going to be difficult to get any kind of real accumulation on pavement surfaces." 

The more dire impact for farmers and gardeners is the freeze watch going into effect. Erwin said to expect that to become a freeze warning as the cold front approaches. He recommended people take the appropriate steps to protect their vegetation.

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Tim is the News Director at WCBU Peoria Public Radio.