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Jump Simulation Center Seeing $12M Expansion

Alex Rusciano / Peoria Public Radio

The Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center is expanding with a third and fourth floor on the facility.  The Center allows medical students, doctors and nurses to train side by side.  Matthew Warrens is OSF’s Executive Director of Innovation. He says the expansion will add space for remote monitoring of ICU beds across the state, and health data and research space:

"This is a big part of the work we have going on to improve our health care. This is just an opportunity to bring all of those things together in the same space, create a collaborative working environment where hopefully we can get to those problems a lot quicker than we’ve been able to in the past.”

Warrens says the expansion is part of an effort to adapt to changes from the Affordable Care Act that stresses patient health quality versus reactive care.

“We’re really shifting from a volume-based model to a value-based care model. So we have to really get innovating and think about how we take care of patients. So it’s not just reacting to the problems that patients present today, but trying to anticipate what the potential problems are, and really becoming a healthier community and helping us live healthier lives.”

The $12 million project is set to finish next summer.