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CityLink adds a new bus stop in Creve Coeur

A new bus stop added to northbound S. Main Street in Creve Coeur, near the Shell gas station.
A new bus stop has been added to northbound South Main Street in Creve Coeur, near the Shell gas station.

CityLink has added a new bus stop in Creve Coeur after passengers and drivers expressed safety concerns for those traveling in that direction.

The outbound bus has a stop on South Main Street in Creve Coeur, but this new inbound stop to the #23 Pekin connector route near the Shell gas station will allow those traveling into Pekin from other lines to safely leave the bus and continue on their journey.

CityLink Marketing Director Emily Watson said the addition will become a permanent one.

“We wanted to add one on the inbound so that people going either direction would have a safe place to get on and off the bus," Watson said.

Watson also said the stop will not have a bus shelter or bench, but does currently have a sign that indicates the area as a bus stop. She said further construction could come later, but for now the sign will remain as the indicator.

"We really got the feedback from the passengers to the drivers," Watson said, "That's our main source of getting a lot of information; as a passenger tells the driver, 'hey, we'd like to see a stop here,' or 'we'd like to see a change in service here.' That's the main way we are able to get that feedback."

CityLink is constantly evaluating their routes and receiving passenger and driver feedback, Watson said.

“There's definitely a potential that there could be additional stops placed in this area or other areas. That's always a possibility. But currently, there's no plans right now to add any further stops in this area,” she said.

CityLink announced this addition on January 17, and states on their website that there is no stop ID yet but is a functional stop for passengers.

Isabela Nieto is a student reporting intern at WCBU. Isabela is also a student at Bradley University in Peoria.