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Violence in Peoria
This was broadcast April 7, 2022, on a special episode of All Things Peoria, focused on the long trauma of violence in Peoria.

All Things Peoria - Thursday, April 7, 2022

On today’s episode, WCBU takes a look at the impact gun violence has on Peoria families. Peoria teen rapper Taurey Best and record label founder Ray DeCambra talk to host Daniel Musisi about Taurey’s first single “Danger”. It’s about coping with the trauma of witnessing a homicide in Peoria at age 5. And you’ll hear from Yolanda Wallace. She is the founder of the Jon Buckley Memorial Garden - a place for those who've experienced tragedies. Plus, Peoria Community Against Violence CEO Becky Rossman speaks with WCBU’s Hannah Alani about the impact Peoria gun violence has on families.