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More Than Squid Game: The International Rise Of K-Dramas (Rebroadcast)

Squid Game has surpassed Bridgerton as Netflix's number one show.
Squid Game has surpassed Bridgerton as Netflix's number one show.

The Korean Netflix series Squid Game is taking the world by storm. The story follows Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father deeply in debt, as he competes in a series of deadly children’s games for a cash prize.

It took the#1 spot on Netflix in 90 countries within 10 days of its premiere, and it’s the first Korean series to reach #1 in the U.S.

According to Netflix, U.S. viewing of K-dramas has doubled since 2019, and accelerated even more since the start of the pandemic. But the rise in K-dramas popularity outside of Korea has been years in the making, from immigrants selling VHS tapes in Korean grocery stores to volunteers around the world subtitling shows online.

What do audiences find in K-dramas that they don’t in American TV? What role do streaming services like Netflix, Kocowa, and Viki play in the industry? What can this teach us about globalization?

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Avery Kleinman, Katie Anastas